Year 1

The social network is very sparse, and not much information has been understood about who is in the network. All networks must start somehwere!

  • All loanee scores are equal
  • Both successful and unsuccessful loanees remain in the system and can endorse others.

Year 2

While it will take some time to create an fully efficient referral system, the algorithms set up encourage taking loans from trustworthy endorsers. This further introduces trustworthiness into the network while reward those with successful endorsements.

  • Some nodes have larger loanee scores based on back-propogation algorithm that rewards successful endoresments.

Year 3

The network has very few unsuccessful endoresments, yet those with poor credit scores are still being given loans from good endoresments. The network is beginning to grow much more rapidly, as there are more referral nodes.

  • Central nodes are growing very fast
  • Successful nodes are clustering around other successful nodes
  • Unsuccessful nodes have limited endoresement power and exist on the "fringes" of the network

Year 4

Dominant endorsers are becoming obvious and should be upgraded to a "trusted" partner. The number of loans increases as well as the success rate. There is now a complete referral system that curated a successful user base!